What is carbon black?

Carbon black is petroleum base product , black shiny powder , with no strong smell and its roles is filler agent . Carbon black use as reinforcing agents in automobile tires and other rubber products but also has a strong black pigment which is use in printing ink, paint, and carbon paper. Carbon black is also used in protective coatings, plastics, and resistors for electronic circuits. Carbon black roles as fillers to impart electrical conductivity to polymers for electrostatic dissipative and conductive applications. As a reinforcing filler it greatly increases resistance to wear and abrasion. About one fourth of the weight of a standard automobile tire is carbon black. For tires on vehicles on which it is necessary to avoid building up an electrostatic charge, such as oil trucks and hospital operating carts, even more carbon black is added to make the rubber electrically conducting.

How carbon black produce?

Carbon black production is done through the oil furnace process by injecting refinery waste oil into the reactor and burning it in the combustion chamber with a gas burner and then cooling it with water to form an incomplete combustion process. Then in several stages, the gas is accompanied by soot. It is separated from it, the carbon black powder is granulated, and the granulation goes to the granule unit. After granulation to dry and reduce the moisture, it goes to the dryer and finally it is sent to the product storage silo.

What is carbon black raw material?

Carbon black produce from non-active mineral sources , its produce by waste oil or rubber process oil in reactor there is other material like natural gas, naphtha, gas oil and acetylene.
  • Fuel (naturel gas or oil)
  • Oxidizer – air
  • Feedstock oil (LSFO)
  • Water
  • Structure control additive (potassium salt)
  • Pellet binder

Which industry you carbon black?

The particle size, structure and surface area of carbon black play a significant role in the material properties of rubber, plastics, inks, paint, coatings, cosmetics, fibres, paper, energy, foundry, metallurgic, friction and refractory products

What is benefit-using carbon black?

  1. Increases blackness
  2. Increases tint strength
  3. Increases UV protection and absorption
  4. Increases electrical conductivity
  5. Increases vehicle demand and viscosity
  6. Lowers dispersibility
  7. Increases carbon and compound moisture pickup
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