SBS bitumen membrane TREEQ

What is SBS bitumen membrane?

SBS bitumen membranes are SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) rubber modified torch on bitumen membranes that are reinforced with non-woven spun bonded polyester mat having thermo fusible polyethylene film on both sides.  They  have  very  good  waterproofing  qualities  combined  with  excellent  flexibility  and  elasticity.  The membrane has very good mechanical properties and durability.

SBS Bitumen membranes are generally used in single or multi-layer waterproofing systems. They may be used on accessible or inaccessible concrete roofs, balconies, wet areas, foundations & footings, below grade structures, swimming pools, tunnels or any smooth concrete surface that require flexible waterproofing. Bitumen membrane is generally used for covered applications only.

Benefit of membrane

  • Very good low temperature resistance.
  • Good elongation and recovery.
  • Excellent adhesion and seam integrity.
  • Accommodates substrate movements.
  • High tensile strength, tear and puncture resistance.

Application of SBS membrane

The surface to be waterproofed should be clean, dry, firm, even and free of any surface imperfection.

A coat of primer solvent based primer should be applied on the prepared surface and allowed to dry. The membranes are bonded to the surface by directly torching it using propane/butane gas. The laying should start from the lowest point of the roof and overlapping should be formed so as to shed water. Excessive heating may damage the reinforcement. The overlaps of adjacent rolls should be staggered.

The side laps should be min. 5cm and end laps min.10cm. Details such as corners, edges and joints should be carefully prepared in advance by torching and fixing strips of primer in place. The overlaps should be dressed with a hand trowel to ensure perfect bonding without any opening.

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