LABSA Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid

LABSA Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid  is a chemical which is colorless and have viscous properties. LABSA Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid mainly using in detergent formulations. It is one of the most important and cheapest surfactants in powder formulation and detergent fluids. It has excellent cleansing properties.

LABSA Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acidis in the formulation of anionic, non-anionic, and amphoteric surfactants, and it is extremely important for its degradability in nature. It is soluble in water and emulsifying agent. Alkyl benzene sulfonic acid is one of the most widely used anionic surfactants due to its low cost, high efficiency and biocompatibility due to its linear chain. This anionic surfactant has hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups. These are non-volatile compounds produced by the sulfonation process. These compounds consist of mixtures of carbon chains of 10 to 14 carbon lengths that are a phenyl group with a sulfonate group

LABSA Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid

LABSA Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid application

The properties of  LABSA Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid  depend on the length of the alkane chains that give them different functionality. Surfactants are used in the industry to increase the contact of polar and non-polar phases, such as oil, water, or water and minerals. Linear alkyl benzene sulfonate is mainly used for the manufacture of household detergents such as laundry powder, washing liquid, dishwashing liquid and other household cleaners and other industrial uses. LABSA Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid uses in produce sulfonic acid. LABSA is an additive as an lubricating agent oils and have as corrosion and rust prevention. his product is a very effective intermediate surfactant. It is usually neutralized with alkali types and forms sulphonates used in different fields. This product can be used in acidic environments.

LABSA Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid packing

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LABSA Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid PACKING

Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid (LABSA) Specification

LABSA properties:

Appearance: Brown liquid

Boiling point: 315’C

CAS Number: 27176-87-0

Class: 8

Density: 1.06 g/ml

HS Code: 3402.11

Melting Point: 10°C

Molecular Formula: C18H30O3S

Trade Name: Sulfonic Acid

Chemical Name: Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid

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