Hematite is a common mineral in the crust and has a lot of mines over the world with general formula Fe2O3, and is useful for many industries specially in drilling as high density mineral for using in drilling mud and according to it lower price compare with other mineral, it is the primary substance of lots of other productions. As result, this is the most important mineral of iron ore which has different types and specifications that mention in following.

Hematite is a high-quality material and weighting agent exist underground. In drilling mud, it has a crystal structure and it is so beneficial being this kind of structure. It increases the mud weight additionally It is so heavy when you compare this with same sizes item.


Applications of Hematite

Hematite has expanded applications in different industries which one of the boldest, we can mention drilling which it uses as matter for making drilling mud in water based drilling and as result our company put this mineral as one of the basic goods to produce and export to the universal markets. this mineral also has application in other multiple fields like: welding electrode, purifier for oxide of iron, iron smelting industry, isolated walls against radioactive and X-ray and lots of more fields which it special this product is supplying by us.


Benefits of hematite usages

• To control and achieve certain rheological properties of the drilling fluid, the concentration of mud additives is very much a central element. Due to changes in the concentration hematite, significant changes were observed in the weight, plastic viscosity, yield point

• Gave notably higher mud weight, plastic viscosity, yield point and gel strength, when same concentrations were being added to the drilling fluid.

• Giving a higher weight than other product like barite is a result of higher specific gravity

• Contributing better values to the other rheological properties, is attributed to the presence of iron oxides in hematite, which also have lower rates od sedimentation, as compared to barite.


Other usages of hematite

Fine powder of hematite can use in cosmetic and paint. It is a minor gem material used to produce cabochons, beads, small sculptures, tumbled stones, and other items. It also has very positive effect on human body. It is cheap material even use as a protective for X-ray and also uses in medical. When it mixes with water you can get very high composition for using in “float-sink” processing of coal and other mineral material. The crushed coal, which has a very low specific gravity, is placed on the heavy liquid and the light clean coal floats, while high-specific-gravity impurities such as pyrite sink

It also uses for polishing material for jewelry and the other areas. It can be added to crushed corn cob media or crushed walnut shell media for tumble-polishing brass shell casings. Jeweler’s rouge is a paste used on a soft cloth to polish gold and silver jewelry.

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