Paraffin Massage


You can enjoy releaf and relaxation with Paraffin 

2  kg of fully refined paraffin wax .
1 cup of oil you will be ready to notice some oil that includes a pleasant scent .
Equipment for melting the wax. You’ll be able to use a paraffin tub, offered from a medical offer store, or a crockpot or saucepan. If you utilize a crockpot, alittle one works fine for your hands. You’ll have an outsized one if you would like to try to to your feet.
A thermometer (if you are employing a crockpot or double boiler). If you get a paraffin tub from a medical offerstore, it ought to have a measuring instrument.
Plastic wrap or luggage.


melt the wax (use low heat). Stir usually to hurry up the melting.
Stir within the oil.
Turn off the warmth, and permit the wax to cool down till it’s a skinny film on the highest.
Use the measuring instrument to examine the temperature of the wax. It ought to examine 125°f (51.7°c) after youbegin your treatment.
Before you start, use warm, cleanser water to clean the hand or foot you’re attending to treat. This can keep the paraffin clean therefore you’ll be able to use it once more for future treatments. Dry your hand or foot fully.
Relax your hand or foot, and dip it into the paraffin, being terribly careful to not bit the edges or bottom of the pot. Enable the wax to come back to merely on top of the articulatio plana or ankle joint. If you’re unsteady, it helps to possess another person guide your hand or foot in and out of the paraffin.
Lift your hand or foot out, however hold it over the paraffin. Enable it to dry a number of seconds till it stops dripping.
Repeat this method ten to twelve times. Every time you dip in, stop slightly below the previous line of wax on your skin. This can keep heat wax from entering into below the wax that’s already on your skin and can stop burning.
Wrap your hand or foot in wrapper or slide it into a bag.
Next, wrap a towel around your hand or foot and hold it in situ with rubber bands or tape.
Leave the paraffin on for twenty minutes. Then undo your hand or foot and slide the paraffin from your hand or foot into the pot. The wax is liquid and used once more.
Cover the paraffin, and put it aside for next time.